all hail goth moth



Guys, look. They finally made a baby stroller for wheelchair-bound mothers. This is so important.


wow so i FINALLY racked up the balls to tell my therapist im trans and it actually went REALLY GOOD

my girlfriend kind of nudged me out into the open so i had to talk about it but thats okay because it really needed talked about :^(

she was really good about it and its not a topic she knows anything about so shes going to refer me to an lgbt+ clinic and we’ll go from there

she immediately was like oh okay this is something we can fix this is okay lets work through it okay and i am just so glad i feel so happy like shes literally going to do some research and refer me to someone who can put me on hormones i am so fucking happy

she also set up a date with one of the psychiatrists at the office down here so i can get some anxiety meds because wow i really need them

i am really happy tho today was great and that was news i SOO neeeded


CAT TATTOO compilation

<black and white>


Today’s gender of the day is: pinecones on head